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GFA Forum 2016

7-8 September 2016 in Singapore 


Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Dear GFA community,


At this year’s GFA Forum we will officially launch the new GFA Training modules 

Participants will receive a free trial, provided by BSR.

The new GFA training modules are designed to help you effectively lower CO
2 emissions and fuel consumption.

The training outline is as follows:


1 - Green Optimization strategies and technologies for carriers

- The importance of regular maintenance

- Which fuel/ CO2 reduction technologies exist, how much can each save?

- What is Eco-Driver training about?

- Which smart planning/ optimization strategies exist for carriers?


2 - Green Optimization strategies for shippers/ buyers

-Which smart planning/ optimization strategies exist for carriers?

- How to include green freight in the procurement process?

- Which smart planning/ optimization strategies exist for shippers/ buyers?


In addition to the new GFA Training modules, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the first overarching Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies, which has been developed by the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC)2 which will also be launched at our GFA Forum, along with our new GFA Emissions Report for carriers.
2 run by the Smart Freight Centre


As you can see, a lot has happened since we last met – so don't miss to sign up for the next GFA Forum here


Download the e-flyer for more details.


Best regards,


Your GFA team Green Freight Asia Network Ltd. 


E:  info@greenfreightasia.org







GFA Annual Forum: 02 November 2015


Record number of organizations take part in Green Freight Asia’s Annual Forum 2015!

On November 02, 2015, 100 experts from more than 70 global, multi-national, and local organizations met in Singapore for the Green Freight Asia Annual Forum 2015 Bringing green freight practices to scale.


The ever-increasing number of participants, as well as the depth of the discussions, present clear evidence of growing interest from companies in Asia to learn about and share green freight practices.


While the GFA Label was originally designed to recognize a company’s commitment to green freight practices, the same companies reported that the GFA Label application also presented a very useful guide to understanding necessary measures for improvement.


GFA Member companies including HP, IKEA, Heineken, UPS and DHL shared with the audience why sustainability matters to them and how GFA and the GFA Label helps them achieve their sustainability goals.


Later in the day, organizations that have played a pivotal role in bringing sustainable freight practices to scale on regional and global level-- Smart Freight Center (SFC), Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Clean Air Asia (CAA) -- shared their perspectives and gave valuable advice regarding GFA’s future development.


It was concluded that any future GFA service needs to be linked to the GFA Label, and either


- help companies improve their green freight practices to achieve the GFA Label ambition by providing training modules that mirror the GFA Label requirement.


- extend GFA Label Certification to include additional environmental data, such as CO2e


- increase awareness and the prevalence of the GFA Label


GFA is committed to working on extending its portfolio of services to meet the needs of its members and help bring green freight practices to scale in Asia Pacific


Stay tuned! More details are to follow, soon



Best regards,


Green Freight Asia Network Ltd. 

| @http://www.greenfreightasia.org
E:  info@greenfreightasia.org


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