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I have read and agree with the Memorandum and Articles of the Green Freight Asia Network Limited

Green Freight Asia has updated its membership fees with effect from 01 January 2015, as follows.

Companies that join GFA as new members between 01 January and 31 March 2015 enjoy free membership until 31 March 2015. The below listed membership fees will apply from 01 April 2015 onwards. On April 01 of each year, the membership will be automatically renewed for one further year unless the member terminates the membership by means of one month written notice (by March 31)

Annual Membership fee by Company Size:

US $500 for companies with less than US$25 million annual revenue
US $1,000 for US $25-250 million annual revenue
US $5,000 for US $250-1,000 million annual revenue
US $10,000 for more than US $1,000 million annual revenue

Type of Membership:

Effective Member
  1. companies offering goods for transportation
  2. companies carrying goods
  3. companies offering supporting logistics services
    for Effective Member categories a. and/or b.
Acceded Member
  1. Legal entities, founded to protect the intersts of shippers, logistics service
    providers and/or carriers.
  2. Consultancies: companies advising the effective members on the
    transportation of goods.
  3. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) whose objectives and missions coincide with Green Freight Asia.

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